At the frontier of human experience

I have gotten to know and meet various people who are masters of their craft: numerous astronauts, researchers, philosophers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, fighter pilots, musicians,  technologists and more. I have spent an unusually long time with many,  some are friends. They all have achieved true greatness, a higher state of being where the sole purpose of existence is to refine the craft and create something new.

I meet and celebrate achieving this greatness with the musicians occasionally, and I make sure to thank them for creating beautiful music that has defined much of my youth and has offered one of the best sources of inspiration.

16 Bit Lolitas

Ariaan (1/2 of 16 Bit Lolitas) played finest music set from 1AM to sunrise at Splendor. This was his best live performance that I am aware of.

A sample from the 16BL set

16BL has a deep imprint on the Anjunadeep label.  James Grant played "Not The Only One - 16BL" during the sunrise. Its was a true delight. I also heard Dom Donnelly play "Friendly Neighbour" along with "Time" by Pachanga Boys (another major track which I love to mix with Friendly Neighbour).

Not The Only One by 16BL

Tony Mcguinness (Above & Beyond)

Joseph Ashworth

I had a good chat with him about his track Dominika. We both agreed that the track tastes different every time we hear it. He said that the track is best experienced at the beach.

Other moments

Spending time with Jody Wisternoff, food, music and beaches.